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Apped Up: Autographer App for Android users


Good news for Android Smartphone users: we’re pleased to announce that our Autographer Android App is now available to download from Google Play.


The App enables you to get the most from your Autographer whilst you’re out and about; view, edit, create and share straight from your Smartphone:

  • browse images on your Autographer in both chronological order and on a map
  • tag images and mark favourites for later
  • delete images
  • save images to your smartphone gallery
  • create GIFs
  • share images and GIFs directly to social networks from your smartphone

Once you’ve downloaded the App from Google Play, you’ll need to update the software on your Autographer – go to our support pages for step-by-step instructions on how to do it and for a full list of compatible devices.

Having on-the-go access to your images will allow you to get the most out of the moments you’ve captured – if you’re off to a festival this summer you can use the app to favourite, tag and share your best moments in between deciding which acts you’re going to see.

After you’ve connected to Autographer, your images will be displayed in the chapter view of the app; this groups your images together into sets so you can quickly navigate to the moments you want without having to scroll through all your images (the start time of each chapter can be seen in the bottom right of each chapter image).


Chapter view

Once you’ve located the right set of moments you can click into the chapter and view all your images as they were captured. From this view you can easily add tags and favourite images (which you’ll then be able to use to search back for moments once you’ve imported them into the desktop). You can also quickly create animated GIFs and share images to a range of social networks.


Stream view

If you then click on a specific shot you can see the larger image and the associated breadcrumb trail of where the image was taken on the map.


With Autographer clipped on you can capture all the action around you and focus on living in the moment.

Find out more about how the app works by checking out our Autographer smartphone app video. And as always, if you need any further help or questions for us, get in touch with our support team.

The Autographer Team


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Simon Randall

Simon is Managing Director of OMG Life. He’s worked for a range of global businesses in Istanbul, Sydney and London and brings with him a wealth of recent experience from over 12 successful years at Nokia. He lives in southwest London with his wife and new baby daughter and cannot wait to see what the world creates with Autographer.



  1. Tony Mollhagen says:

    Will this work on an android tablet?

    1. Imogen says:

      Hello Tony – we don’t formally support tablets. So you’ll find it’s not optimised and we haven’t tested on tablets but the functionality should work. As it’s a free App, you could try it out.